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The Virginia Tea Party Alliance was formed to identify, train, and field principled conservative tea party candidates for all levels of of local and state government. In order for there to be any significant change in policy within our government, we must change who we send there.  We do not have time to wait for the two major parties, and especially the Republican Party, to “get it”.

We must organize precincts, develop candidates for all levels of local and state offices, and increase the political skills of the tea party movement.  In order to create a future for liberty, we must rebuild our Republic from the roots up.

The Virginia Tea Party Alliance is a third force in politics, not a third party.

To Use This Site-  This is our "headquarters".  It's our social network, our organizing tool, our blog, and more. Click on the email signup, or log in using your Facebook or Twitter accounts.  That's it!  Find your friends, organize an event, or share your voice and blog.  Each action earns you "political capital" where that you can redeem for prizes or special promotions.  

Protecting Internet Privacy and American Competitiveness

Virginia's own Rep. Robert Goodlatte, as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, can take a bold and decisive step to protect Internet privacy, limit the brazen power of the federal government and enhance America's competitiveness abroad by acting on legislation known as the LEADs (Law Enforcement Access to Data Stored Abroad) Act.  By passing this bill through his Committee, the powerful Chairman would repeal a broad overreach of federal power pushed for by Obama Administration's Justice Department.

When Eric Holder's DOJ sought information about an Irish citizen who stored information on the Internet using an Irish company, it served Microsoft a warrant.  The Irish company is a subsidiary of the Seattle-based software giant and the feds are demanding that Microsoft breach the corporate veil to hand the material over to the federal government despite the lack clear lack of jurisdiction.  

If the DOJ wanted a document or piece of paper rather than an electronic document,  the DOJ would be forced by treaty obligations to abide by Irish law and request the Irish government serve the warrant.  Instead, the Obama administration decided to bypass that step and grab the material without the consent of Dublin.

Microsoft has gone to court twice to try to protect the identity of their users, but thus far, courts have sided with the feds.  Unless Congress acts or the Supreme Court takes the case, the DOJ will have improperly asserted control of most cloud computing systems all over the world.

Sen. Orrin Hatch introduced the LEADs bill to find a balance between the needs of law enforcement and the need to protect Internet privacy.  The House version of the bill awaits action by the Judiciary Committee.

Without enactment, American companies working abroad are put at a major competitive disadvantage as foreign competitors.  As Senator Hatch said, “This is a pro-business, pro-innovation bill that will protect American privacy in the digital age and promote trust in U.S. technologies worldwide. While I agree in principle with the ECPA reform bills recently introduced in the House and Senate, neither establishes a framework for how the U.S. government can access data stored abroad. As Congress works to reform our domestic privacy laws, we must modernize the legal framework for government access to digital data stored around the world. This bill recognizes that these two issues are inextricably linked.”  

The House should act to reverse this power grab.  Rep. Goodlatte should lead the way. 

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States should decide for themselves on gaming

Gregory Honeycutt of the Roanoke Tea Party took to the pages of the Roanoke Times to defend states rights and oppose cronyism. His article is worth a read:


America’s Founding Fathers established a central government with powers limited to those specifically enumerated in the Constitution, leaving everything else to the states to decide for themselves. Yet some 238 years later, power is increasingly being concentrated in Washington, D.C. ,with the federal government becoming the ultimate authority on all things large and small.

This slide toward the extra-constitutional role of the federal government has been driven by the “never let a crisis go to waste” philosophy wherein hyperbolic coverage of the latest bad news is exploited, paving the way for new federal authorities. Perhaps even more onerous though, is the erosion of states’ sovereignty that has occurred at the hands of those seeking to advance their own agendas, a prime example of which is playing out in Congress over the issue of Internet gaming.

The regulation of gambling is not a federally enumerated power. States have always decided for themselves whether to allow it and held responsibility for enforcement of those laws. In the early days, Las Vegas became a gambling hub simply because Nevada allowed casinos when other states wouldn’t. Lately, more states have chosen to allow legal, regulated gambling with some also legalizing Internet gaming limited to residents of that state.

Sheldon Adelson, owner of the Las Vegas Sands casino corporation, apparently fears that competition from these states legalizing online gaming will hurt his Las Vegas casinos. He is asking Congress to pass a federal ban on all online gaming in America.

Despite being a clear violation of the 10th Amendment, the legislation has gained some supporters. Undoubtedly, some see support of this bill as a means to get on the good side of a man who donated more than $100 million to political candidates in 2012 alone. Others likely see it as a means to stop the expansion of an activity that they disdain.

Regardless of the motivation, passage of this legislation would create new federal powers, having long-lasting consequences.

Federal power is a two-way street, in that what the government can disallow, the government can also require. This has repeatedly been shown in everything from social issues to environmental policy. So, the creation of this authority could lead to states that don’t want gambling being forced by the federal government to allow it, along with a myriad of other activities from gun rights to social policies.

As bad as that sounds, the harm doesn’t stop there. The legislation would have far-reaching consequences for the Internet by creating a new federal authority to outlaw a specific form of Internet commerce. The potential for abuse of this new power is unlimited.

Fortunately, our hometown congressman has the power to protect states from yet another gross federal overreach. Though our differences with 6th District Rep. Bob Goodlatte are well documented, we applaud the fact that, as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee through which this bill must pass, he has so far refused to hold a hearing on the bill.

As a student of the Constitution, he must understand that there is no legal basis for using government to protect a casino owner’s business interests or to impose one’s personal opinion on the states. In fact, the 10th Amendment and the Constitution itself are intended to prevent precisely those things.

Drifting away from these sacrosanct principles, as the proponents of the federal ban intend, would send America further away from freedom, liberty and equality before the law, and move us ever closer to a relativist nation guided by the whims and personal opinions of those in power. Goodlatte deserves our support for standing up for Virginia’s sovereignty and for the Constitution.

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My colleagues were looking for a form some time ago and were made aware of a business that hosts lots of sample forms . If you are wanting it too , here’s <a href=“”">">;/a&gt;
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I WILL NOT support Ed Gillespie as Virginia’s Republican nominee to the U.S. Senate

Ed Gillespie is a great politician as evidenced by his pinnacle rise to chairman of the Republican National Committee. Virginia, however, does not need another professional politician as her next Senator. Virginia needs someone who has a personal track record of standing and acting upon conservative principles and values during his lifetime not someone with just a track record of selling themselves or others on those esteemed principles and values in order to win an election. We need substance, not form, in our next Senator.

Here is why this is important: The condition of Virginia voters is such that whoever the Republicans put forth to oppose Mark Warner will probably become the next Virginia Senator. Barack Obama has destroyed the credibility of the Democrat party thus sinking any Democrat’s chances in November especially with the failing Obamacare rollout and the recent “smoking gun” revelations about the Benghazi terrorist attack. Because of this I suspect that whoever wins the Republican’s nomination during the Convention in June will be the next Senator from Virginia.

I hope that all delegates to the Virginia Convention on 7 June have already read Ed Gillespie’s 2008 book titled Winning Right (available at Amazon). What I read of it is the basis of my decision TO NOT SUPPORT Ed Gillespie but instead to favor Shak Hill ( For example, excerpted from Ed Gillespie’s book on page 238 is the following:

“[While 220 million Americans receive healthcare coverage, the] remainder is made up of two groups -27 million Americans who pay directly for their health care coverage and the nearly 50 million who, for a variety of reasons, go without coverage entirely. Getting coverage to those 50 million will entail changing how those with coverage get theirs.”

On page 245 Ed Gillespie went further with the following:

“A more rational approach is to ensure that every emancipated adult capable of providing for his or her healthcare do so. One way to accomplish this is to use the tax code to gain compliance. Annual [taxpayer] filers would have to attest that they have some form of health coverage or else the ‘standard deduction’ on their income tax would be cut in half.”

In essence, Ed Gillespie outlined his vision for Obamacare socialized medicine in his personal memoir, a book printed BEFORE President Obama rose to the national scene as a potential candidate. Regardless of what he claims in recent e-mails to the contrary, if Ed Gillespie becomes Virginia’s next Senator HE WILL NOT SUPPORT ANY EFFORT TO REPEAL this monstrosity as he personally agrees with the premise of a government-mandated universal health care system. While Senators come and go, Obamacare if not repealed will be forever.

We The People cannot let Obamacare be Ed Gillespie’s legacy for America.

James Hull
commented 2014-02-15 08:58:35 -0500 · Flag
@vateapartypac #TimKaine: NoCanadaPipelineOrCoal,2ManyJobs_I’willLOSE’MY’FiefdomBlding’frmMY #KinderMorgan OIL #impeachSenTimKaineHypocrite
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I am running for Congress against the House Majority Leader, Reprsentative Eric Cantor in the Republican primary in June 2014 to represent the people of the 7th District. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to present myself as a candidate at the local Tea Party meetings from Richmond to Culpepper. Please visit my website at I made my first public appearance at the Richmond Tea Party monthly meeting last week. Thank you for your consideration.

Pete Greenwald
Midlothian, VA
@whenricoTP tweeted link to this page. 2012-10-23 12:34:57 -0400
New link: Virginia Tea Party Alliance
commented 2012-09-19 14:03:28 -0400 · Flag
TEA party rally this saturday sept 22nd 3-6pm. Prince George, VA Scott park.
commented 2012-08-27 01:57:48 -0400 · Flag
Lets make Brandon the next US House Representative from the 7th district from Virgina. Virgina voters from the 7th district should write-in Brandon Raub on Nov. 1st. Lets get this message out to Virgina voters.
@greyparrot1 tweeted link to this page. 2011-11-29 09:57:14 -0500
A WARM WELCOME please to a new page admin: Karen Miner Hurd, the Excutive Director and Chair of the Virginia Tea...
commented 2011-10-06 20:20:49 -0400 · Flag
@ John Bloom- Herman Cain has spoken at the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention last October. I know that he has spoken at several of the larger tea party events since the beginning of the movement.
commented 2011-09-29 19:20:16 -0400 · Flag
Tea Party groups from EVERY State should be asking Herman Cain to speak at one of their meetings. Would there be a better way to dispell the lie of Nancy Pelosi and others about the Tea Party being racist, by reaching out and embracing a Black Conservative Candidate for President. We need him and he needs us.
commented 2011-09-29 19:20:14 -0400 · Flag
Has anyone from the Tea Party approached Herman Cain’s campaign and asked him to speak at a Tea Party event. He needs us and we need him to dispell the lie that the Tea Party is a racist organization.
@1773Mary mentioned @VATeaPartyPAC link to this page. 2011-09-27 09:18:55 -0400
I'm fighting RINOS and helping to rebuild our Republic! Join me in the fight for Liberty! via @vateapartypac
@briandevine mentioned @VATeaPartyPAC link to this page. 2011-09-22 13:33:41 -0400
I'm fighting RINOS and helping to rebuild our Republic! Join me in the fight for Liberty! via @vateapartypac
@PPublius mentioned @VATeaPartyPAC link to this page. 2011-09-22 09:12:05 -0400
I'm fighting RINOS and helping to rebuild our Republic! Join me in the fight for Liberty! via @vateapartypac
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We are looking for 5 people who are willing to help us coordinate a voter identity protection program with True...
followed this page 2011-08-22 15:22:18 -0400
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Phone bank week! We are looking to do some phone banking on behalf of Scott Martin (39th district) and Tom...
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