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commented 2011-11-08 09:31:31 -0500 · Flag
Its 8 Nov 2011, election day. Why is there not a VERY PROMINENT, SIMPLE link on your front page with a SIMPLE list of candidates members of the VATPA would like to see elected?!? Many voters are very busy working, would like to vote to preserve their Liberty, but don’t, for whatever reasons, make time to study and understand the myriad factors, issues and candidates. I came here looking for such a list so both I and my wife could support candidates with Tea Party ideals. Now, I’ll go look elsewhere… The makers of this site have missed a valuable opportunity to strongly influence at least two votes. PRESERVING AMERICAN LIBERTY IS ALL ABOUT THE ELECTIONS AND WHO THE VOTERS CHOOSE! WHY NOT FOCUS A SIMPLE PAGE ON THAT?
published this page 2011-09-05 19:44:42 -0400